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FYG Explorer Submissions Policy

We are able to accept enquiries by email in the first instance, if sent to the address given below. Please note that we specialise in YA novels with fast-paced plots and mystery novels for a general adult readership, although we are willing to consider other fiction manuscripts. Please also be aware that we expect authors to be open to constructive feedback with regard to possible structural and editorial amendments.

In particular we understand how hard it is for previously unpublished writers to find an agent, let alone a publisher. For this reason we are always willing to consider work by new authors, especially in the case of manuscripts which demonstrate originality in transcending genres, or which may be particularly suitable for adaptation to film. Please let us have as many relevant details as possible in your initial email and we will be able to give you instructions for how to make your submission.

However, we must ask in advance for you to be patient with us in responding to all submissions, since a final decision is taken in all cases by our lead editor, and we trust you will bear in mind that we are unable to offer to take on authors if we do not believe wholeheartedly in our ability to represent the work successfully - in other words it is not necessary for us to make concessions on standards simply in order to add new authors to our list.

Please do not be discouraged, therefore, if we are unable to take on your manuscript, since if your work happens to fit better with another agent's niche or interest, that is likely to work out better for you in the longer run.

For initial submission enquiries please contact us at our 'submissions' address. You can help us to identify genuine emails by using a suitable subject heading.

Submissions policy

Specialising in:
YA adventure fiction
Adult mystery fiction

We are always willing to consider submissions by first-time writers and previously unpublished authors

We also consider:
General adult fiction
Other cross-genre novels
Novels for film

Other services we offer include:
Translation and rights services
Cultural liaison and other representation


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