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Mystery novels and general adult fiction

We are the literary agent for Samantha Priestley, author of 'Despite Losing it on Finkle Street' (Pioneer Readers, 2007) and 'Reliability of Rope' (Armley Press, 2015)


Samantha Priestley is currently finalising two further novels, 'Love Poems' and 'Rose Villa' and she has had two chapbooks published by Folded Word.


2017 update: we remain open to unsolicited submission enquiries, with a particular interest in mystery novels including the genre of 'mystery without a crime'. We are interested in general adult fiction by new authors with the aim of unearthing undiscovered talent, and we are always willing to consider work by novelists which demonstrates particular originality, especially in combining different genres, or manuscripts which may be suitable for adaptation in film - especially if they are set in the UK.

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